Balam Dheere Bol Mp3 Song

Balam Dheere Bol Mp3 Song

Balam Dheere Bol Mp3 Song Download - Basant

Album Basant Songs (1942)
Singer(s) Parul Ghosh , Aroon Kumar
Composer(s) Pannalal Ghosh
Category Bollywood 1942 Songs
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Listen Balam Dheere Bol

Balam Dheere Bol is a charming Bollywood song from the 1942 movie Basant, directed by Amiya Chakravarty. The song features the voices of Parul Ghosh and Aroon Kumar, with music by Pannalal Ghosh and lyrics by Pyare Lal Santoshi. The song is a romantic composition that expresses the feelings of a woman longing for her lover to speak softly and express his love. The singers have done an excellent job of conveying the emotions of the song, with their soulful and melodious rendition. The music is soft and mellow, with a gentle and soothing melody that adds to the romantic mood of the song. The visuals of the song feature Mumtaz Shanti, Ulhas, Suresh, Kanu Roy, Pithawala, Pramila, and Baby Madhubala. The video showcases the lead actors expressing the joys and sorrows of love and their hopes for a brighter future. The cinematography is beautiful, with picturesque locations and stunning landscapes that add to the charm of the song. Overall, Balam Dheere Bol is a timeless classic that continues to tug at the heartstrings of music lovers even today. The song's romantic lyrics and gentle melody are a testament to the power of music to express the deepest emotions of the human heart. It is a beautiful reminder of the beauty of love and the importance of expressing one's feelings openly and honestly.

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