Ham Khelenge Aankh Micholi Mp3 Song

Ham Khelenge Aankh Micholi Mp3 Song

Ham Khelenge Aankh Micholi Mp3 Song Download - Khandan

Album Khandan Songs (1942)
Singer(s) Noor Jehan
Composer(s) Ghulam Haider
Category Bollywood 1942 Songs
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Ham Khelenge Aankh Micholi is a beautiful and playful song from the 1942 Bollywood family drama film Khandan. The song is sung by the legendary Noor Jehan, with music composed by Ghulam Haider and lyrics written by M. D. Taseer, Nazim Panipat, and D. N. Madhok. The song features the main cast of the film, including Noor Jehan, Pran, Manorama, Ajmal, Durga Mota, Ibrahim, Ghulam Mohammed, and G. N. Butt. The music is upbeat and cheerful, with playful lyrics about a game of Aankh Micholi (blind man's bluff) that the characters are playing. Noor Jehan's voice is sweet and melodious, perfectly capturing the fun and carefree spirit of the song. The scene in which the song appears in the film is a lighthearted moment, providing a welcome break from the emotional drama that unfolds throughout the rest of the story. The colorful costumes and playful choreography of the scene add to the overall joyous atmosphere. Overall, Ham Khelenge Aankh Micholi is a delightful song that captures the essence of the film's theme of family and togetherness. The talented performances of Noor Jehan and the cast, along with the catchy music and playful lyrics, make it a timeless classic that continues to be loved by generations of Bollywood fans.

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