Hamesha Khil Rahen Yeh Phool Mp3 Song

Hamesha Khil Rahen Yeh Phool Mp3 Song

Hamesha Khil Rahen Yeh Phool Mp3 Song Download - Apna Ghar

Album Apna Ghar Songs (1942)
Singer(s) Shanta Apte
Composer(s) Harishchandra Bali
Category Bollywood 1942 Songs
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Hamesha Khil Rahen Yeh Phool is a timeless classic Bollywood song from the movie Apna Ghar released in 1942. Sung by the melodious Shanta Apte, the song's music was composed by Harishchandra Bali, and the lyrics were penned by Narottam Vyas. The song's runtime is 2 minutes and 42 seconds, and it is available in the MP3 song format. The song is a beautiful and uplifting melody that talks about the blooming of flowers throughout the year. The lyrics are poetic and describe the beauty of nature and the unending cycle of seasons. The song's soothing music and the singer's soulful voice make it a perfect listen for anyone who loves old Bollywood music. The video of the song features some of the most prominent actors of that era, including Chandra Mohan, Vimla Vashishta, Shanta Apte, Mahesh Kaul, Maruti, Maya Bannerji, Jeevan, Nimbalkar, Mishra, David, Gope, Jagdish Sethi. The video is directed by Debaki Bose, a renowned filmmaker of that time. The movie Apna Ghar revolves around a social family drama, and this song fits perfectly into the movie's theme. The song's lyrics express the essence of family and the importance of being together during both good and bad times. The video shows the actors in different scenes, and the song's visuals capture the emotions and sentiments of the characters portrayed in the movie. The song's popularity has stood the test of time, and it is still enjoyed by many today. You can listen to Hamesha Khil Rahen Yeh Phool on various music streaming platforms, including It is a perfect example of the soulful and timeless music that Bollywood has to offer.

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