Jab Tum Hi Chale Pardes Mp3 Song

Jab Tum Hi Chale Pardes Mp3 Song

Jab Tum Hi Chale Pardes Mp3 Song Download - Rattan

Album Rattan Songs (1944)
Singer(s) Karan Dewan
Composer(s) Naushad
Category Bollywood 1944 Songs
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Listen Jab Tum Hi Chale Pardes

Jab Tum Hi Chale Pardes is a classic Bollywood song from the 1944 film Rattan. The song is sung by Karan Dewan and composed by Naushad with lyrics by D. N. Madhok. The film stars Amir Banu, Karan Dewan, Swarnlata, Wasti, Chandabai, Manju, Gulab, Azurie, Rajkumari Shukla, and Badri Prasad. The song is a beautiful and melodious depiction of longing and separation. The song begins with a melancholic tune played on a piano followed by Karan Dewan's soulful rendition of the lyrics. The lyrics express the pain and longing of the protagonist who is separated from his beloved and has to travel to a foreign land. The music is soothing and creates a perfect ambiance for the emotions being conveyed. The song is picturized on Karan Dewan who is shown leaving his beloved behind and embarking on a journey to a foreign land. The scene is beautifully shot, and the emotions of the characters are captured perfectly. The song also features beautiful shots of nature, adding to the overall aesthetic of the song. Jab Tum Hi Chale Pardes is a timeless classic that has stood the test of time. The song's melodious tune and touching lyrics make it a favorite among fans of old Bollywood music. The song has been featured in numerous compilations of classic Bollywood songs and is still popular among music enthusiasts. In summary, Jab Tum Hi Chale Pardes is a beautiful and touching song that perfectly captures the emotions of separation and longing. It is a must-listen for fans of old Bollywood music and a testament to the talent of the artists who created it. The song can be enjoyed in the mp3 format on the website, along with other classic Bollywood songs.

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