Mere Liye Jahan Mein Chain Na Mp3 Song

Mere Liye Jahan Mein Chain Na Mp3 Song

Mere Liye Jahan Mein Chain Na Mp3 Song Download - Khandan

Album Khandan Songs (1942)
Singer(s) Noor Jehan
Composer(s) Ghulam Haider
Category Bollywood 1942 Songs
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Listen Mere Liye Jahan Mein Chain Na

Mere Liye Jahan Mein Chain Na is a beautiful and emotional song from the Bollywood movie Khandan, which was released in 1942. The song is sung by the legendary singer Noor Jehan and composed by Ghulam Haider, with lyrics written by M. D. Taseer, Nazim Panipat, and D. N. Madhok. The song depicts the pain and longing of a woman who is separated from her lover. Noor Jehan's soulful voice beautifully captures the emotions of the lyrics and Ghulam Haider's music adds to the melancholic tone of the song. The use of traditional Indian musical instruments like the sitar, flute, and tabla adds to the charm of the song. In the movie, the song is picturized on the lead actress Noor Jehan, who plays the role of the woman singing the song. She is shown sitting in a room, lost in her thoughts about her lover, while the music plays in the background. The lyrics of the song are poignant and heartfelt, expressing the pain and suffering of a woman who is unable to find peace without her lover. The opening lines of the song, Mere liye jahan mein chain na aaye, chain na aaye, translate to "I can find no peace in this world without you." The song goes on to describe the various ways in which the woman is tormented by her separation from her lover. Overall, Mere Liye Jahan Mein Chain Na is a timeless classic that showcases the immense talent of Noor Jehan and the musical genius of Ghulam Haider. It is a must-listen for anyone who appreciates the beauty of vintage Bollywood music.

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