Soja Soja Soja Ri Mp3 Song

Soja Soja Soja Ri Mp3 Song

Soja Soja Soja Ri Mp3 Song Download - Achhut

Album Achhut Songs (1940)
Singer(s) Gauhar Sultana , Vasanti
Composer(s) Jnan Dutt
Category Bollywood 1940 Songs
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Soja Soja Soja Ri is a song from the 1940 Indian film Achhut, directed by P.C. Barua. The song is sung by the character Sohini, played by Bimala Devi, as she lulls her baby to sleep. The lyrics of the song are in Hindi and express the mother's love for her child and her desire for him to sleep peacefully. The song is known for its beautiful melody and soothing lyrics, and has become a classic lullaby in Indian cinema. The music for the song was composed by Timir Baran and the lyrics were written by J.S. Kashyap.

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