Uth Sajani Khol Kiwade Mp3 Song

Uth Sajani Khol Kiwade Mp3 Song

Uth Sajani Khol Kiwade Mp3 Song Download - Aurat

Album Aurat Songs (1940)
Singer(s) Surendra , Jyoti
Composer(s) Anil Biswas
Category Bollywood 1940 Songs
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Uth Sajani Khol Kiwade is a famous song from the 1940 Indian film Aurat, directed by Mehboob Khan. The song is a poignant expression of the struggles faced by women in a patriarchal society. The lyrics, written by J.S. Kashyap, encourage women to rise up and break the chains of oppression, to open the doors of their confinement and step out into the world. The song is sung by the character Radha played by Sardar Akhtar, the protagonist of the film, who has to fight against social injustice and protect her family from harm. The powerful vocals and evocative lyrics of Uth Sajani Khol Kiwade make it a classic example of the socially conscious themes that were often addressed in early Indian cinema.

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