Woh Nahin Hai Apna Ghar Mp3 Song

Woh Nahin Hai Apna Ghar Mp3 Song

Woh Nahin Hai Apna Ghar Mp3 Song Download - Apna Ghar

Album Apna Ghar Songs (1942)
Singer(s) Shanta Apte
Composer(s) Harishchandra Bali
Starcast Chandra Mohan , Vimla Vashishta , Shanta Apte , Mahesh Kaul , Maruti , Maya Bannerji , Jeevan , Nimbalkar , Mishra , David , Gope , Jagdish Sethi
Category Bollywood 1942 Songs
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Listen Woh Nahin Hai Apna Ghar

Woh Nahin Hai Apna Ghar is a soulful melody from the 1942 Bollywood movie Apna Ghar. The song is sung by the legendary singer Shanta Apte and composed by Harishchandra Bali with lyrics by Narottam Vyas. The movie Apna Ghar is a social family drama directed by Debaki Bose and starring Chandra Mohan, Vimla Vashishta, Shanta Apte, Mahesh Kaul, Maruti, Maya Bannerji, Jeevan, Nimbalkar, Mishra, David, Gope, Jagdish Sethi. It revolves around the theme of a joint family, where the conflicts arise due to the differences in opinions and lifestyles of the family members. The song Woh Nahin Hai Apna Ghar beautifully depicts the emotions of a woman who is longing for her home, which she had to leave after marriage. The lyrics convey the pain and longing of the woman who feels like a stranger in her own home. Shanta Apte's soulful rendition adds a touch of nostalgia to the song, making it a classic in Indian music. The song, with a duration of 2 minutes and 49 seconds, is available in mp3 format on the website Woh Nahin Hai Apna Ghar is a perfect example of how music and cinema have the power to evoke emotions and connect with the audience at a deeper level.

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